Mike Leibig Traveling in DisguiseMike Leibig Traveling in Disguise

Mike Leibig's essays reveal
a large, noisy, mischievous human family.

"Anne told us one night over clandestinely made peanut butter fudge that there was a hidden, easier passage up to the Third Floor. It lay behind a heavy chest or in the back of a small closet. Ellen and Dad came home early that night and we hid the remains of the fudge in a rag closet part-way up the back steps off the kitchen. Later, Paul and I explored and mapped the House but our charts showed only spirits and dragons off the edges behind closets...."

Tasha's Diary

Dick Austin's essays follow a year in the life of a rescued Alaskan Malamute.  Free download (1.5 MB, pdf.)

"The Radio Flyer little-red-wagon was ready, equipped with special dog shafts in place of the handle, and Tasha had been fitted to her new harness.  Patsy Osborne arrived to help ready the house for Anne's return from Ireland, but it was easy to divert her to work with me and the dog for this initial trial.  We put the harness on Tasha and then, awkwardly, lifted her between the shafts and fastened the harness to the shafts and traces."

Peck of Pretty Peppers Cookbook

Peck of Pretty Peppers Cookbook
Anne Leibig & Dick Austin's guide to preserving and preparing more than thirty varieties of peppers from the sweetest peppers to the hottest chiles.

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