Evangelical Humanism

An evangelical faith in the living God and an enthusiasm for the human potential, these characterized the ministry of Russell Cartwright Stroup at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church during the 1950s and 1960s.

His moral imagination and his readiness to follow Jesus addressed the optimism, the abundance, and the technological achievements of post-war American society.

This book also traces the difficult ascent of Allan Austin within The Austin Company. And it shows Allan's mother, Ida Stewart Austin, at her finest as she responds to the flames that engulfed Windermere Methodist Church.

Growing up in the Georgetown Church, Dick Austin received his calling to the ministry. He would pioneer new forms of church organization and ministry in the mountains of Pennsylvania before returning to Georgetown to assist his Uncle Russell and to address racial and economic tensions in the inner city.

Your style, with its remarkable candor, is compelling, lucid, and exceptionally smooth — a genuine joy to read — Marvin Epstein


Richard Cartwright Austin
Published by Creekside Press
ISBN 0-9625831
Softbound, 233 pages
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