Each book of stands alone, yet together they form an Environmental Theology relating Christian faith to the care of this precious earth.

Baptized into Wilderness introduces the beauty of nature and its vulnerability through the eyes and the actions of John Muir, founder of America's environmental movement. Learn more...

Hope for the Land unfolds the Biblical promise to liberate nature from human abuse so all species in the community of life may serve one another. Learn more...

Beauty of the Lord builds a Christian theology to unite God, nature, and humanity in the experience of beauty. Austin draws upon the American philosopher Jonathan Edwards. Learn more...

Reclaiming America addresses today's environmental crisis. Austin advocates civil rights for natural life, lifestyles of elegant frugality, land reform to "reopen the frontier," and Church reform to enfold nature within the worshiping community. Learn more...

Together they form a readable Environmental Theology that is enjoyed by lay people, appreciated by students, and valued by teachers of theology. Dick Austin has been a pastor. He has worked with church groups across the United States, and taught seminary students from Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, and Evangelical traditions.

Environmental Theology by Richard Cartwright Austin. Published by John Knox Press and Creekside Press. Distributed by Creekside Press. ISBN 0-9625831-1-1. Four softbound books. Order here.

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"These are eloquent, impassioned, and powerful books, and they ought to be read by every Christian." - Sojourners

"Our best spokesman on the subject" - Reformed Review

"Dick Austin has reflected upon a range of theological issues arising from our assault on the planet. No one I know of has covered these areas so comprehensively within the traditional theological context." - Father Thomas Berry

"Despite his censure of environmental wrongs, Austin is never mean-spirited; rather, everywhere he is positive and vibrant." - Presbyterian Outlook

"I enjoyed your workshop at Montreat and bought your four-volume set on environmental theology. Within the last month I have completed the set. With the first book, I sensed immediately that your work was both scholarly and experiential. It is rare for me to find the combination.

"I soon began to experience nature as you portrayed John Muir doing. Sharing part of your story made the books especially helpful. It was obvious that your joy in John Muir was partly due to your own experience of Yosemite.

"I am familiar with many of the historical events you mentioned, but the stories of John Muir and Jonathan Edwards were new to me. I identified with both the strict religious upbringing of Muir and the compartmentalizing of Edwards, denying sensuality, yet awakening peoples' senses through evangelism.

"Your concept of the moral beauty of creation and the need to fall in love with God's world before we can commit ourselves to being stewards as God intends was a high point in my reading. Your own brokenness and healing contributed to my understanding and identifying with you in a number of ways. Thank you for being that open."

Carolyn Martin, Tiger GA

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