Creekside Press is now a "virtual" press. That is, all purchases, inquiries, and correspondence may be conducted at this web site. Those who do not wish to use PayPal may send their check to the address on the order form. Email on all subjects may be sent to

Please do not use our mailing address, fax or phone number for Creekside Press business unless instructed to do so. Our quickest response and most efficient service may be obtained through this web site.


Creekside Press supports the work of Dick Austin by publishing and distributing books, articles, news, and products related to his writing, theology, and environmental pursuits.

Creekside Press does not consider, review, or return unsolicited manuscripts, and it does not publish material unrelated to Dick Austin's work.

We are eager for dialogue and value your comments on the books we distribute and the material on this web site.

Creekside Press will donate multiple copies of a particular book in the Environmental Theology series to any non-profit institution that intends to use the book for group study or for distribution to members. The shipping and handling charge is $10.00 plus $1.00 for each copy requested. Church congregations only may request a 50% discount on copies of East of Cleveland and/or Letters from the Pacific for use by church organizations. Follow the "ordering instructions for non-profits" below.

The following special terms apply only to books in the Environmental Theology series. Creekside Press will donate these books to churches, schools and other non-profit institutions under the terms below:

• Donated books must not be re-sold.
• Shipping and handling fee: $10.00, plus $1.00 per copy of book ordered.
Prepaid order, by check only, with order on your letterhead and check drawn from the organizational account.
• Mail to Creekside Press, 270 Lowland Street SE, Abingdon, VA 24210.
• Allow 1 month for delivery.

• Mail your request on the institution's letterhead.
• Enclose a check for the full amount drawn on the institution's account.
• Mail to:
Creekside Press
270 Lowland Street SE
Abingdon, VA 24210
• Allow one month for delivery.

Book donations may not be processed on line.
Donated books may not be re-sold.

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