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Dick Austin has retired and closed Creekside Press as a commercial enterprise. However, all books listed remain in inventory and are available for shipping and handling cost only: $10.00 for a single book, plus $5.00 for each additional book included in the order. Browse this stimulating collection, then order those books that interest you.

"moral imagination" traced through modern history

Creekside Press's new moral imagination family of books explores the application of a deeply held faith tradition to a rapidly changing society. This saga intertwines cultural and family histories as it follows the Austin family through the Great Depression, both world wars, and beyond.  Read more.

Environmental theology: A Christian understanding of faith and nature

Environmental TheologyDick Austin's environmental theology series relates the Christian faith to the care of this precious earth.  His set of four books is is enjoyed by lay people, appreciated by students, and valued by teachers of theology.  Read more.

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Featured Books

the heart of Austin's faith and his environmental theology
Beauty of the Lord by Richard Austin
"Candid reflections from the author's own life anchor these pages, lending credence to his claim that 'a person is made whole through sensuous awakening to the beauty of the Lord.'"

    -- Presbyterian Survey

Read more about Beauty of the Lord.

firsthand account of a military chaplain in World War II

Letters from the PacificDearest family,

There is a road that leads from our forward position where I am stationed to the Regimental Headquarters in the rear. The miles it wanders up hill and down lie through a brushy country made to order for ambuscades....

The other day I started down this perilous road carrying a body to the rear for burial.... We stopped at K Company on the way, where a wounded man had just been brought in....  About three miles further we came over a rise in the road and, on the other side, saw a terrifying sight... Read more.

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